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Best Sofa Cleaning Services in Indore At Home

The convenient & affordable Sofa Cleaning Services in Indore by Gofermate


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Sofa cleaning in Indore with modern technology

Dry vacuuming to remove crumbs and dirt particles

How much does it cost to clean a couch?

Cleaning a standard-size upholstered sofa costs around ₹150 to ₹700, with specialty fabrics like leather and wool costing extra. Hiring a pro to steam clean a couch costs about ₹300 to ₹800, but you can buy your own machine for about ₹400 to ₹500 or rent one for around ₹40 to ₹60 per day.

Fabric Sofa Shampooing

  • Mechanized cleaning and extraction process for upholstered sofa.

3-Steps Process Followed for Fabric Sofa :

Step 1 Dry Vacuum to extract loose dust.

Step 2 Applications of Chemical Foam & Scrubbing.

Step 3 Extraction of moisture & residual dirt.

Leather/Leatherite Sofa Polishing

2-Steps Process Followed for Leather/Leatherite Sofa Polishing :

Step 1 Dry vacuum to extract loose dust

Step 2 Recondition with cream/wax and buffing



POINTS TO NOTE for Professional Sofa Cleaning in Indore

  • Letting fan or air conditioner switched on post the service for upholstered fabric sofa to dry along with natural ventilation & drying time will vary as per the thickness of the fabric. Complete drying may take around 2-3 hours.
  • Heavy furniture would not be moved by our team.
  • Old and stubborn stains will be attended to the best of our ability. However, we can’t guarantee 100% stain removal as certain stains if treated further, can damage the fabric.

All About Sofa Cleaning Services in Indore

Sofa Cleaning in Indore

If you or your kids regularly eat and drink while sitting on the sofa, it can easily become a breeding ground for germs. Food crumbs, fur, hair, etc. stuck in the crevices can attract germs and pests. Over time, this can lead to health problems and also deterioration of your furniture. In order to deal with this situation, you can either purchase an upholstery cleaning machine to keep your sofa clean or hire a professional for sofa set cleaning services. At Gofermate, we understand your cleaning needs and help contribute in the journey to provide a clean and tidy home with long lasting furniture.

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Service in Indore

  1. Prolong the Life of Your Furniture: High levels of dust and pollution in the environment can start to accumulate on top of the furniture in your house if you do not clean it regularly. The colors can begin to grow dull and the fabric can also become rough over time. However, availing the services of an upholstery cleaning company ensures that your furniture stays clean and lasts a long time.
  2. Use the Professional Cleaning Solutions and Techniques: A sofa may be made from different materials ranging from leather, natural fabrics, or synthetic materials. Each material and design of a sofa has its own cleaning needs. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a sofa cleaning professional who uses the best cleaning solutions and techniques for each type of sofa material.
  3. Dry the Furniture Properly After Cleaning: Natural as well as synthetic fabrics need to be cleaned thoroughly by using water-based cleaning agents to remove dust, and food and drink stains. This can make excess water seep into the padding and take a long time to dry. The cleaning professionals use professional equipment to clean and dry the furniture properly to avoid germs and pests completely.
  4. Remove Odours from the Furniture: If you eat and drink frequently on your sofa, it may start developing bad odours over time. Bacteria growth because of crumbs stuck in the crevices of the sofa can lead to these bad odours that even the strongest air fresheners cannot mask. By going for sofa dry cleaning, you can ensure that the food residue is removed, and the sofa is clean.
  5. Remove Allergens from The Furniture: Even if you vacuum your sofa, dust, pollen, food crumbs can still get trapped in your upholstery. The cleaning products used for fabric and leather sofa are different so make sure to hire an expert for leather sofa cleaning instead of trying to do it yourself.

When Should You Book A Sofa Cleaning Service in Indore?

  • Every 2 months to keep your sofa maintained and dust free.
  • To remove odours, spill stains or crumbs.
  • Before or after a party or get together.

Why Gofermate for cleaning services in Indore?

Vacuuming, Shampooing & Drying of the Sofa: From dry vacuuming and wet shampooing to sanitizing and mechanized drying, Gofermate cleaning professionals make sure to deep clean your sofa thoroughly that provides lasting effects for 2-3 months.Well-Trained & Verified Cleaners: All Gofermate professionals are trained and taken through levels of background verification before getting on board to ensure the quality of work.Insurance Against Damage: With Gofermate you get insurance coverage up to Rs. 10,000 on every booking against any damage.Usage of Professional grade Chemicals: Considering the hygiene of your sofa, we at Gofermate only use Professional grade non-hazardous chemicals for sofa cleaning.Flexibility: Gofermate provides you a comprehensive professional sofa cleaning service at your doorstep to meet all your cleaning needs at your chosen place and time.What Does Our Sofa Cleaning Include?Fabric Sofa Cleaning:Dry vacuuming of the front and back side of the sofa using vacuum cleaner to remove dust.Wet Shampooing of sofa using Professional grade solution.Wet vacuuming of sofa to remove dirty water.Leather Sofa Cleaning:Dry Vacuuming / manual wiping of the front and back side of the sofa using microfiber cloth.Special chemical to sanitize and clean the sofa with microfiber cloth/duster.Special Leather polish for increasing the life of the leather.Customer to wait for 3-4 hours for the sofa to dry before use.What Are the Equipment And Chemicals Used?Professional grade chemicals like Taski etc.Vacuum cleaner (Wet and dry), hand brushes, scrubber & microfiber duster.

Things to Do After The Sofa Cleaning Services In Indore

Put the leather sofa in a well-ventilated area. Since some cleaning chemicals may have a strong smell, this will ensure that the air inside your house does not smell too much of these chemicals after the cleaning is complete.If you cannot move your leather sofa, make sure to cover other furniture pieces and decorative items in your living room. This will save them from absorbing any chemical sprayed on your sofa for cleaning.Even if you hire a reputed company offering the best sofa cleaning services in Indore, you need to make sure that you get the desired results. An easy way to do that is to make a note of the spots, stains, etc. on the sofa that you want the cleaner to focus on and then share them with the professional before he starts cleaning.

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Know someone in Dubai who wants to get their sofa cleaned?

Book our sofa cleaning services in Dubai , and let us take care of their sofa cleaning work.


Sofa cleaning services in indore :


A dirty sofa is a storehouse of hidden germs and may turn out to be dangerous for your family health. Looking for experienced and professional Sofa Cleaning specialists in Indore, Bhopal? Get professional same day sofa cleaning service in Indore, Bhopal at Gofermate. You can hire certified, trained sofa cleaning services in Indore professionals who are experienced in cleaning all types of leather and fabric lounge etc. Our sofa cleaning experts remove the toughest stains ever and use the fabric friendly chemicals to remove dirt or stains. To book Sofa cleaning service in Indore, Bhopal , all you need to do is log on to the Gofermate website or open the app, and click on home sofa cleaning under the Cleaning services category. Fill in the time slot and enter the day when you require the service. You can book for the home sofa cleaning service in Indore, Bhopal on the convenient time of yours. Choose a sofa cleaning professional of your choice those who are available on the booked timing. Upon confirmation of booking, professional will be at your place on the scheduled time with all the required cleaning equipment. The service cost is listed on the website and app, check the price before booking for sofa cleaning in Indore, Bhopal . The charges vary from one type of sofa to other and number of sofa needs to be cleaned. You be at any place in Indore, Bhopal our professionals will reach your place in minutes. Call us now or Book sofa cleaning in Indore, Bhopal at Gofermate! Gofermate online home service is the trusted platform for home services seekers in Indore, Bhopal . Get professionals in minutes just by placing a service request in app or web, If you want to know more about the service write an email to we will get back to you soon. We have a dedicated customer support team who assist you readily anytime with the doubts.


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